4 Tips on How to Become a Great and Clever Collector

Becoming a collector takes more than just a vague interest in gathering potentially valuable items. Collectors who are serious about their collections have to work hard to find and source the right items. It requires keen interest, research, a good eye, and attention to detail to become a great collector. If you have these qualities and can stick with something until you get what you want, you might become a great collector yet. Here are a few tips for becoming a good collector:

1. Study and know your subject. It is very important to know what you are collecting and have as much information about it as possible. If you don’t know your collectibles well enough, you may end up ripping yourself off when selling or overpaying when buying. With good research, you will be able to determine exactly what to look for in a collectible and what its value really is.

2. Don’t rush into purchases. Many collectors struggle to be patient when they find an item that they ‘must have’. This is dangerous as they may end up paying way too much for it and possibly have a loss when they try to re-sell at the same or a higher price. When you are at an auction or found a piece you really want, be patient, do your research, and go in with a clear head.

3. Establish relationships with dealers. The best way to grow your collection and find the pieces that you want is by getting close to the people who source them. Find dealers and collectors of the items that you collect and find out where they get their items from. Good relationships with these people could lead to your biggest discovery.

4. Quality is more important than quantity. A common mistake that some collectors make is to buy many mediocre or lower-value items instead of choosing a few more valuable and high-quality key pieces. A larger collection is not necessarily more valuable. In fact, a collection of lower-value items might be worth less than one really good piece.

Once you have these things down, you will be a well-disciplined and clear-headed collector that will get the items he wants. The key is in knowing what you want and where to find the right quality.

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Geeky Collectibles that Could Make You Very Wealthy

Geeky collectibles may not seem like the obvious way to make some money, but you would be surprised. Those things that earned you ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ status may just be what could make you a millionaire. There are obvious factors to consider like condition, age, and demand. Have a look at the list below and see if you have any geeky valuable that could classify you as a millionaire.

Coins. Coin collecting has been around for many years and can be a valuable practice. Depending on the rarity and vintage status of the coin, you could get paid a lot for them if you find the right buyer. Rare coins have been sold for millions. Rare coins are exactly that, rare. The chances of a random valuable coin lying around your house are slim, but if you are a collector, have your collection checked out and find out what they’re worth.

Board games. This could seem strange, but there are vintage board games on display in museums. A single board game may not be of much value, but if you have a collection of vintage board games you may strike it lucky.

Comic Books. Comics is and have always been great collector’s items. The value of your comic books and collection will depend on the rarity and whether it is vintage. The early releases with first appearances are the most valuable and can be sold for hundreds of thousands and even a million dollars if it is the right one.

Stamps. Another very common collector’s item is the stamp. Stamps of which only a small amount was printed are very valuable. Stamp collecting is so popular that there is even a holiday for it. If you have been collecting stamps for a while, you may have some valuable gems hiding between the pages.

Other collectibles like baseball cards, movie memorabilia, books, or Star Wars related items can all sell for high prices if you have the right one. The most important factors to consider when looking through your collectibles are rarity and age.

Unexpected Items in Your House that May Be Valuable

Over the years, we tend to gather things whether we are collectors or not. Often, these hoarded and forgotten items can be very valuable and you wouldn’t even know it. We have compiled a list of items that you may find in your home that can possibly offer a chance for some extra cash. If you are not a collector, we are sure that someone out there will want what you have.

Lilliput Lane Limited Editions – These English miniature cottages and scenes can be very valuable if you have them. Some individual pieces can be acquired for an affordable price, but these sets are sold for $300 or more today.

‘Lady Head’ Vases – These vases are quite old and you will be hard-pressed to find a millennial giving it a second glance. The so-called ‘Lady Head’ vases are quite valuable and considered antiques. One of these vases was recently sold for a whopping $1100. The detail is very important in determining its value.

Miniature Teddy Bears – Small teddy bears can be quite valuable, especially if they are antiques. Some of these miniature bears can go for about $350 if you find the right collector.

Retired Department 56 Buildings – Department 56 is well-known for making buildings during Christmas time. These buildings are often replicas of store fronts like Starbucks that are decorated to fit the Christmas season. Some of these buildings are valued at $200.

The ‘Cousin Eddy’s RV’ Ornament from 2009 – Hallmark has produced many Keepsake ornaments over the years, but one of their most popular and most valuable was the one from 2009. The National Lampoon Christmas Vacation ‘Cousin Eddy’s RV’ ornament is in demand and one recently sold for $300.

If you are spring cleaning and come across any of these items, don’t throw them away. Sell them on eBay or find out who might be interested in acquiring it as a collectible.