Collecting: an exciting hobby for adults and children

There are a lot of people around the world involve in collecting. Probably many of us have tried collecting one or another thing throughout the life. For some this hobby grew into a serious activity, while others forget about it with time.
Collecting is a long creative process that requires a certain amount of patience. It is not only mechanical gathering of the objects, but also deep study of their historical and contemporary aspects. At some degree, collection is a reflection of person’s inner world.
In fact collecting process has a lot of advantages:
1. It promotes interest to the art, history of an object and even history in general;
2. It gives an opportunity to gain new acquaintances and communicate more with people who share the same passion;
3. It does not require regular attention (unlike sports or music lessons), which is very convenient for busy people.
At the same time collecting is affordable and interesting activity even for children. This hobby helps with development of attention, memory, ability to observe, compare, analyze and summarize. It expands children’s horizon and improves cognitive ability.
It seems like there is nothing that people could not collect. The only matter is how and where to obtain needed collection pieces. People collect everything: candy wrappers, postcards, banana labels, shoes, boxes, buttons and more. Of course, there are also more traditional types of collecting: for example, collecting of banknotes, coins or postage stamps. Everyone can choose the most favorite collectibles.
There are many celebrities, who find collecting to be an exciting hobby. For instance, Quentin Tarantino collects old board games. He not only plays them in his spare time, but also keeps it in perfect order. All collection items are organized by names and genres, so that the owner always knows what and where is located. Tom Hanks collects antique typewriter models with keyboards in different languages. Moreover, he can easily disassemble and then assemble even the most complex model. Reese Witherspoon collects antique linens, vintage fabrics and antique embroidery, mainly on the tablecloths. Nowadays Rees already has quite a collection of truly unique things. She purchases her items at auctions and on sales, as well as in specialized antique and vintage stores. She claims that contemplation of beautiful handmade things not only brings her pleasure, but also inspires.
Although one does not have to be a millionaire to start a collection. The main rule for the collector (both beginner and professional) is to buy what you like. Become an expert in your area and don’t hesitate to learn something new every day.
Unfortunately very often people think about collecting things, but just don’t know where to start. In our articles we offer a lot of useful and practical information on different principles of the collection development, the main aspects of buying collectibles, the auction houses with the most diverse selection of antiques and more. We also want to prove that collecting is a very useful and interesting activity for adults, as well as for children.
Experienced collectors often say that once you start a collection it is very difficult to stop.