Geeky Collectibles that Could Make You Very Wealthy

Geeky collectibles may not seem like the obvious way to make some money, but you would be surprised. Those things that earned you ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ status may just be what could make you a millionaire. There are obvious factors to consider like condition, age, and demand. Have a look at the list below and see if you have any geeky valuable that could classify you as a millionaire.

Coins. Coin collecting has been around for many years and can be a valuable practice. Depending on the rarity and vintage status of the coin, you could get paid a lot for them if you find the right buyer. Rare coins have been sold for millions. Rare coins are exactly that, rare. The chances of a random valuable coin lying around your house are slim, but if you are a collector, have your collection checked out and find out what they’re worth.

Board games. This could seem strange, but there are vintage board games on display in museums. A single board game may not be of much value, but if you have a collection of vintage board games you may strike it lucky.

Comic Books. Comics is and have always been great collector’s items. The value of your comic books and collection will depend on the rarity and whether it is vintage. The early releases with first appearances are the most valuable and can be sold for hundreds of thousands and even a million dollars if it is the right one.

Stamps. Another very common collector’s item is the stamp. Stamps of which only a small amount was printed are very valuable. Stamp collecting is so popular that there is even a holiday for it. If you have been collecting stamps for a while, you may have some valuable gems hiding between the pages.

Other collectibles like baseball cards, movie memorabilia, books, or Star Wars related items can all sell for high prices if you have the right one. The most important factors to consider when looking through your collectibles are rarity and age.